License Academy Process

Each module is the building block of an elegant, technically relevant business process that enhances the organizational value chain.

Characterize Performance Characteristics

Develop features that contribute to high-impact organizational performance.

Define Features

Critically review and define features for high productivity levels.

Incorporate Human Factors & Organizational Culture

Enhance performance by incorporating human factors and organizational culture.

Develop Standards

Design standards to characterize the organizational value chain.

Develop Learning Environments

Engage stakeholders with learning programs for performing the organizational standards.

Certify & License

Certify professional competency or organizational achievement, and license the solution.

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We serve organizations in high-growth, transient markets.


Body of Knowledge

Certification & Licensing

Organizational Excellence

Intellectual Property Assets

IP Development

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We are an advocacy, IP assets, licensing, and standards and certification solutions provider. We specialize in knowledge- and code-enabled assets for innovation-oriented organizations.

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